You have to start somewhere

It is not our intention to provide legal advice. For that, you’ll want to contact Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). We are only offering suggestions.

Remember that in Texas, homeschools are the equivalent of private schools, and as such, there is no accountability to the state as far as notifying anyone, annual, end-of-year testing, high graduation graduation, and so on.

If your children have never been enrolled in a public or private school, you will not need to notify anyone of your intention to keep your children home. Choose your instructional materials and methods and off you go.

If your children have been enrolled in a public or private school, it is recommended that you notify school officials that you are withdrawing your children (yes, even if you make the decision during the summer to teach your children at home so that your children would not go to school in the fall). You do this not because you need anyone’s permission, but because if your children just stop showing up, school officials might assume that they are truant, and they’ll have to take steps to address the truancy. It is also recommended that you notify the school in writing, by certified mail with a signed receipt required. The letter means that you will avoid awkward, sometimes hostile conversations, or assertions that you must get the school’s permission or provide a list of instructional materials, or other things not required law. The signed receipt proves that the school did receive your notification. Your letter should be short and to the point.

And now you’re official.

As we have said, we also recommend HSLDA membership; it is best to have your membership acceptance in hand before notifying the school.

If you are withdrawing your child midyear, many recommend waiting until a major break, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but that’s just a recommendation; you can begin homeschooling at any time.

Compulsory school age in Texas is six years old by September 1; that is, a child who has his sixth birthday by September 1 must be enrolled in school, either public or private (remember that homeschoolers are the equivalent of private schools). Don’t be caught by surprise as some parents have been!